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Dedicated to providing the mental performance skills necessary to succeed in sport and life

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Hi! I'm Belinda Halloran, aka Coach B, a California-based Sports Psychology Consultant & Performance Coach. I specialize in maximizing performance of elite high school and college athletes, balancing advanced mental conditioning with long-term wellbeing.


I bring a unique skillset to the mental elements of elite athletic performance. I incorporate decades of experience as an elite, professional athlete; academic studies in sports psychology and behavioral science; and, an approachable personality to help young athletes not only elevate performance, but also attain greater inner peace, happiness and ongoing life skills.


As a retired elite professional triathlete, and national and state level multi-sport youth athlete (soccer, swimming, track, football, cross country, triathlon). I was world-ranked top 3 as a youth triathlete, top 10 as a professional, and was (at the time) the youngest ever winner of an Ironman in history. I'm also a mother of four athletic kids! This combination of experiences and skills gives me a special ability to connect with young athletes aspiring to D1 college sports and/or professional sport. I also consult with coaches and parents, whom are a significant factor in impacting an elite youth athlete's mindset.


When you work with me, you should expect a confidential collaboration with transparency and consistency. Together we will cultivate an elite performance mindset that will extend beyond the sporting arena and into all areas of life.  Want to learn more? Contact me today for free initial discussion.


Don't like Zoom ? No Problem !

Meetings in person at multiple locations throughout the US via "Spaces" private office spaces and worldwide. Safe, private, accessible. We will find a way to connect.



Worldwide Online & In Person Bay Area California

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