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Coming in 2025.......

Coach B

Jun 17, 2024

its going to be a bit different

For a long time, at least 8 years, I have thought about writing a book. Initially I thought I wanted to write something serious for youth athletes or even about my passion for wanting to find ways to prevent youth suicide, but the more I read the more my interest of writing yet another self help book dwindled.

For a while there I thought about writing about my new program ANR, but that needs more time to develop and to be honest a book on ANR would put most young people to sleep - a video on that is coming soon FYI. Keep an eye out for that!

Remember my target audience after all is adolescents to young adults and we all know it is going to be stretch if any of them are really going to sit down and read a book or maybe this should just go straight to audible.

Well, I am happy to report I have at started and the framework is in place. My goal is to have the draft ready by January. It probably will not be what my followers are expecting but then I do not think I have ever fitted any traditional mold so maybe you wont be so surprised. My family certainly are not :-)

Either way, I have a feeling that those who I am writing it for will like it and thats my objective!

'll keep you posted. Have a great summer.

Coach B

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