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Its OK to Quit

Athletes tend to be the last person to abandon ship!

The incredible level of self-regulatory control developed from years of discipline, direction, and action toward collective goals, is not a grip that releases easily. Add to this the athlete’s healthy ego, pride, and perceived sacrifice may even manifest in the young person’s mind as an accepted responsibility. They may feel they must go down with the ship so to speak (i.e., staying with a losing team, a horrible coach or ignore poor health and injury.) All for the sake of “being seen” as committed. Well, this a huge mistake! Sport is just a very small part of who you are as person and there is plenty more for you to take on. Do not for go the opportunity to excel in other areas !

Young aspiring champions easily become immersed in their life as an athlete. The wonderful world of sport brings with it identity, community, friendship, travel, a second family and the accolades from success are not half bad either, but the questions every athlete must ask themselves before they continue is this:

·      am I happy?

·      am I doing what I love?

·      does this still bring me joy?

If you answered No to even just one of the above questions, it’s time to take a pause and talk through your future. Do not just reflect on your own. Athletes have a natural tendency to switch into autopilot and will just keep going.

Now is the time to vocalize all the concerns you have out loud  with someone who can provide you an unbiased confidential opinion and help you gauge and understand your options, so YOU can make the best decision moving forward.  

Understand that it’s not that “you just quit! “ it could be that your interests are changing and this is a natural transition out of the sporting arena. OR…it could just be that a change of scenery (new team, new coach, new environment) is what is needed to reinvigorate your passion.

Athletes I know it can be scary to walk away from something you have committed a huge part of your life to. You are not alone in understanding your choices. Give me a call. I can help.


Coach B

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