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What are your Intentions for 2024 ?

So, what is the difference between goals and intentions?  Goals are in the future; Intentions are in the present moment. I often tell the athletes I work with that establishing short, mid- and long-term goals are great to have but ideally they will occur naturally and be the bi product of your intentions if the process, delivery and execution is aligned.

Whether you are an individual athlete or part of team, creating individual or intentions for the whole team can help maintain daily focus and allow the team to have a joint commitment around behavior and work ethic.

As outlined by Margaret Gilbert in her book on Joint Commitment (2015):

“…a joint commitment requires obligation from the group to uphold collective attitudes and each member has the right to reproach a member who fails to play their part.”

This works great in teams because it increases accountability and leaves little room for lazy team members to hide. Within “team intentions” is a set of terms often created by the coaches in collaboration with team captains, that will outline the shared beliefs, conditions, and mutual responsiveness to ensure each team member fully aware of what is expected of them.

If you are looking for help as an individual or a team in 2024 to create the framework you need to execute your intentions to reach your goals, let's connect.



Coach B

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