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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • WHY DO YOU CALL YOURSELF COACH B ? - As an athlete my teammates called me B, as a coach my athletes called me Coach B. When I finished my academic studies and stopped coaching on the field and track, I didn't see the need to change it. You need a coach to develop an unbeatable mindset too. 

  • WHO DO YOU WORK WITH? - I work with elite high school athletes who are aspiring to continue their athletic journey in college and collegiate athletes hoping to turn professional. I work with elite athletes returning from injury who need to renew their mentality and those athletes who want to be proactive with their mentality during their D1 or professional experience.

  • WHO DO YOU NOT WORK WITH? -  Do to the nature of ANR,  I do not work with athletes requiring medical support relating to diagnosed cognitive impairment or those athletes seeking clinical psychology or any type of remedial counseling.

  •  WHAT MAKES YOU QUALIFIED TO SUPPORT ELITE ATHLETES? - I have a degree in Sport Psychology and Performance,  studied Behavioral Science, Neuroplastcity, Chemical Dependency and in Nov 2023 I applied for a PHD.   I have been a competitive athlete since age 9.  A National competitor in swimming and track by 14, a multi sport state team member (soccer,football, xcountry,track, swimming, triathlon) and Australian National Triathlon team member 7 times and multiple Ironman champion. I debuted on the world stage in Triathlon at 18 placing 3rd at the World Junior Triathlon Champs and then went on to spend the next 15 years competing  internationally on the pro circuit. In my career I was part of the women's junior and senior team that one multiple world championship titles. Twice a day practice , 6 days a week, 5 am starts for a total of 24 years.  I have cocahed multiple  sports at the highschool level, ODP, PDP and worked with D1 teams.

  • WHY DO YOU BELIEVE THE RIGHT MENTALITY IS SO IMPORTANT FOR ATHLETES?  As you climb the competitive ladder in elite sport the training becomes the same, the athletes become similar and difference between winning and losing are those who can not only physically perform but mentally excel.  During my career I had incredible coaches and worked with sport psychologists. I was able to appreciate the power of having mental fortitude and post retirement was also able to see areas where I didn't. Through my experience, age and studies I am now able to articulate the what, the why and create a solution. I have walked the path many athletes will go down. I want their journey to be successful. I created ANR because I know what athletes need to sustain longevity in sport.


  • WHAT DOES MENTAL MASTERY INVOLVE?  -  Developing an elite athlete mentality takes work. I like to tell athletes that working with me is like mastering a skill but its for your brain. You wont master it unless you work at it. It will be exhausting at times. Not always fun. You may do exercises that are not very exciting. Mastering a skill can at times be boring. It takes time, repetition, execution and self belief. My. program is an interactive program and your participation will determine  its success.

  • YOUR PROGRAM ANR SOUNDS COMPLEX AND YOU JUST SAID YOU WERE NOT CLINICAL? -  Neuroplasticity is the brains ability to adapt and change and to not use this important term would be to do the program an injustice. With original exercises I incorporate traditional sport psychology methods and behavioral  science to change neuroplasticity and strengthen mentality.  Reset stands for the ability to be able to do it again and again. Empowering the athlete to "reset" their mentality if ever they feel stuck. This helps to create independence and decreases dependence.

  • DO YOU OFFER DROP IN ONE SESSIONS? -  No. I found drop in sessions to be ineffective in creating lasting behavioral change. The specialized nature of my program requires minimum commitment of 4 months due to the nature of repetition and number of exercises.  The goal from here post completion of my program (ANR) is to move to monthly sessions for 6 months and then as needed. Once you have  completed my program you are always welcome to reach out for additional support. My aim is to create independent mentally strong athletes who determine their own paths forward.

  • THAT SOUNDS LIKE A BIG COMMITMENT - It depends on your perspective. My clientele know where they want to go. The reality is only 4% of High School athletes in the US will go on to be collegiate athletes and less that 1% of those athletes will be professional athletes. To be successful in elite sport requires 100% commitment.  I want my athletes to be successful and therefore I require commitment.  We always start with an introduction session before we proceed to outline how it may fit into an athletes busy training schedule and if they feel this is right for them before we proceed.

  • DO YOU OFFER SCHOLARSHIPS? -  Yes. Please contact me directly.

  • WHEN ARE YOU AVAILABLE ? -  By Appointment only. Appointments are on zoom or in person. For athletes completing ANR  I make all reasonable effort to tailor the programs around the schedule of the athlete. 

  • WHAT IF I NEED TO CANCEL ? -  Min 24 hours notice must be given unless it is an emergency. I limit my work to only a small number of athletes so I value those who communicate and do not disadvantage other athletes from the opportunity to meet.

  • I AM A COACH. CAN I LEARN ABOUT ANR TOO ? - Yes. I offer a condensed talk on the benefits of ANR available to clubs and teams with take aways for your athletes that can be implemented straight away. Please contact me for more information. 

  • I AM A PARENT HOW CAN I LEARN  ABOUT ANR? - In 2024 I will be offering webinar sessions where parents can come and learns ways on how they can help their athletes. These webinars will be listed here on my page under events.

  • MY CHILD IS A MINOR IS THERE A WAIVER? - Yes you will be emailed this prior to our first session.

  • WILL MY PRIVACY BE PROTECTED? -   All sessions remain private and confidential between coach and athlete (and minor guardians).

  • WILL THERE BE A BOOK ON ANR IN THE FUTURE? - An E - Book for Athletes is on the horizon. TBC

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