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What do our clients say?

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Yossi Raz, Coach UCI Mens Soccer D1

Belinda joined our organization in 2022 and helped me transform my sports performance vision into reality. Her passion for the subject is unparalleled as she understands the complex tasks of navigating being or becoming an elite athlete in today’s world. She assisted us on many levels by interacting with the team as a unit and with individuals helping us shape our performance goals collectively and individually. 


As the mental aspects of sports become more essential, it is clear to see the importance of such help in athletics. Belinda‘s passion and care can assist individuals finding a healthy balance while performing. In addition, she is able to help teams achieve their collective goals. I’m thankful for the time we spent together and feel that our team is better for it.


Yossi Raz M UCI

Dan Klatt, Coach UCI Water Polo &
Former Olympian

“Belinda worked with our men’s water polo program during the 2022 season and made an immediate impact. Her passion for performance psychology, understanding of the challenges faced by modern day young men, and her unique and organized programming improved our culture and helped our players establish clear, team oriented performance goals and expectations. Each session was specifically tailored to our team and left our student-athletes with life skills that improved their connection with their team, their teammates, and with themselves. Everyone needs assistance to become the best and most healthy version of themselves. Belinda’s programming equips student-athletes with the tools necessary to understand their own needs and to find their best and healthy selfs.”

Jserra Varsity Boys Water Polo Team 

Competitive sports often times defy logic and objectivity. Elite Athletes must grind harder and never be satisfied with the status quo. Performance is not only based on physicality and skil, but  also the mental aspects emanating from competition, the spectators and your coaches. 


Coach B is the Performance Coach EVERY athlete, coach and parent should employ maximize resiliency  and become unstoppable. She knows how to coach the individual and coach the coaches with direct frankness that makes teams champions of their sport.

Parent Danielle Mulvey,  of Jserra (2023 CIF Champions ) and National water polo team member James Mulvey. 


Carter Tseu - D1 Santa Clara University GK 

Before I met Coach Belinda I never took my mental health seriously, which was a reason why my mental health was terrible. The first year I met her, she was my coach at ODP and she made everyone start doing mental exercises. I can’t speak for everyone else on the team; however, I felt that each exercise did help me mentally. Yet, I still needed to work on my mental health and I couldn’t think of anyone to ask other than Coach Belinda. Whenever I needed help I would either call or text her and she would always reply. When I would call her, she would always pick up no matter where she was and would go through different processes to help me with my mental health. The time where Coach Belinda helped me out the most was in November 2022. At this time it has been a few weeks since I had surgery on my hand. I broke my scaphoid bone in my left hand and needed a screw put in to help the bone heal. This surgery happened about a month into my Junior year of High School and all throughout the summer, all everyone was telling me was that Junior year of High School is the most important year for a High Schooler, especially if they want to play in college. I had a lot of thoughts like this running around my mind and I started becoming really stressed, overwhelmed and nervous. Thankfully, I was able to reach out to Coach Belinda and she instantly started helping me. I was able to have a meeting with her about once a week over zoom to talk to her about my problems and worries. Every single time she phenomenal, she knew exactly what to say to help ease my stress and gave me great exercises for me to do to improve my mental health. Coach Belinda has been a huge part of my success as a soccer player. It has been a little over a year since Coach Belinda and I had our first meeting after my surgery and since then a lot has happened to me. I made the PDP state team and got to go to Sweden to play in the Gothia Cup. The team made it all the way to the final and I didn’t get scored on in the whole tournament. I made the 3rd team All-State football team as a kicker and I was ranked as the 30th kicker in the nation by Max Preps pre-playoffs. Most importantly, I have committed and signed to play division 1 soccer at Santa Clara University.

John Miller, Parent of ODP Athlete

Coach B has been a tremendous coach, mentor, and support for my 16 year old high level soccer player. We met Coach B through the ODP program where she was one of my sons coaches. What I remember most about that year with Coach B was her dedication to supporting the players, and treating them like professional athletes. In addition, her coaching and knowledge of soccer was outstanding as well. During tournaments she would make sure the team was well nourished and hydrated so they would play at their peak performance. So on and off the field she was amazing. The players absolutely adored her as well as the parents.

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