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So you think you want to play in college ?

Coach B

Apr 18, 2024

....well then its time to get thick skin !

Why ? Because you are a number. Yes a number. One of 100,000's of athletes who apply to college sport and if you can not handle the way the coaches want to treat you, speak to you, look at you, train you, then guess what ?, they will replace you with the next athlete waiting in line who will. College sport is not professional sport. You have not made it yet. You can't sack your coach. There is still so much to prove and part of that is unfortunately putting up and managing the coach who keeps their jobs by how well the team and athletes perform each season. This means the person Coach puts first as numero uno is, you guessed it, themselves ! Not you !

In my role I teach athletes how to negotiate the world of college athletics and how to interpret coach behavior and mannerisms. This is not personal. You are playing a role and so are they. We all have our own motivations for being there. The coach is making a living, you are getting an eduction and continuing the sport you love, lets not lose sight of what may come next if your college athletic career is successful. Or not.... 4 years is along time as a student athlete, just ask anyone who has completed 4 years. The statistics on those athletes that go on to be professional are hardly inspiring at less 1%.... but it can be done !

So if you are looking to make the most out of your college experience and want to decipher "coach language and behavior" come and meet me with me. I can teach you how to maximize your relationships with others for the purpose of improved performance and enhanced wellbeing.

Be ready to tackle all that college sport will throw at you. Lets get that skin thick before you arrive :-)

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